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On a Martial Arts Site?

You may think that martial arts and hiking are not related by any mean; 

However, both martial arts and hiking are about freedom, both required the Six Pay (3.1.3 free lesson General Ideas INM) and both are types of journey made of fun and hard work.

One of my logos is containing both Chinese martial arts features and hiking features. 

Here you can find a few hiking - related guides, such a guide for navigation and a guide for choosing hiking gear. 

unified-gong-fu logo shows mountains and trail

Hiking and Traveling Equipment for Beginners

This is a guide for how to examine hiking gear.

I am not going to tell you what you need or what brand to buy. I will show you what I suggest you to pay attention to, and what to consider when you are thinking of traveling.

In other words, instead of getting onetime advise, you will get tools for life, that will  save you a lot of money for the rest of your life.

Hiking and Traveling Equipment for Beginners

This video is a review of technical parameters to pay attention to, while looking for a backpack or designing one. The booklet is a written form of the same idea, dealing with many equipment types.

Map & Compass Navigation

This is a guide that teaches you navigation. Basic navigation using

a map and a compass.

you will learn reading a map and use a compass, and how to locate yourself. the guide contains the main skills you need for preparing the rout and how to not get lost. 

you will learn hot to calculate the time using stars and  how can you use the moon.

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