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01\ Why would I even like to learn?
  • If you want to learn how to move, or how is it possible for you to move.

  • If you want to enhance your combat understanding.

  • If you are interested in deeper and internal enhancements, this is the place for you.

This is a DOGMA FREE learning that provides you the tools to CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE

02\ Is it practical?


  • Learning how to move is practical for combination with whatever other MARTIAL ARTS you might be practicing.

  • Enhancing your motion and understanding of combat is good for any FIGHTING SPORTS you might be doing and for SELF DEFENCE.

  • Moving is practical for long life HEALTH and MOBILITY.

  • Practicing your MIND is good for every aspect of life and for long term brain health.

  • HARMONY is practical for health, calm and clearness.

03\ Why Chinese martial arts at all?
  • Chinese martial arts give us an ancient holistic way to practice every aspect of our life that we would like to: movement and health, combat, mindfulness and internal work, working our sensations and emotions.

  • Chinese martial arts are using a lot of metaphors and images, enhancing our spirit, mind, physics and health.

  • Chinese martial arts have deep philosophic roots and a colorful understanding of life.

04\MMA or Chinese traditional?
  • There is no contradiction between traditional Chinese martial arts and MMA. 

  • MMA is a fighting sport with specific set of rules.You can easily combine MMA training with Chinese martial arts training and lore, in order to enhance your fighting skills and abilities.

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