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Why is it called Unified Gong Fu?

The Gong Fu I teach is made of several different styles. I teach internal and external elements (shaolin, xing yi, ba gua, tai chi). I teach many aspects of martial arts (movement, health, combat, cultivation). 

All of the above are UNIFIED for you. 

What will I get access to on this site?
  1. The free programs will provide access to public videos as introduction to the different branches of the site- step by step, warfare, internal & mindfulness (registration and joining the program are required).

  2. Step by Step - a process of learning, constructing your movement abilities step by step, from no motion at all - to agility and livelihood.

  3. Warfare & Combat skills - tactical, strategical and combative philosophy and ideas. Combat is the kingdom of uncertainties - understanding its "secrets" is of utmost importance in order to prevail.

  4. Internal and Mindfulness - going deeper into body dynamics and deeper understanding of Chinese martial arts and yourself.

  5. Weapons - learn how to wield any object as a weapon, by paying attention so some "universal" principles, demonstrated on some actual weapons.

Why is this site good for me?
  • This site contains step by step learning process that can help you transform from a couch potato into a gong-fu ninja.

  • This site contains study materials for your body, mind, and spirit.

  • This site is good for the lone practitioner as well as for those who seek extra knowledge.

  • This site is good for those who seek to become better fighters or better combatants.

over 100 lessons in about 12 hours
  • body movement and movement language

  • motorics and posture

  • you can start as a "couch potato", ending up an awesome gong fu ninja (all depends on how much practice will you put into it)

  • my way of teaching combines classic Chinese martial arts methods with modern methods and fitness

  • I can show you what is possible, the how - it's up to you how you will combine it in practice.

over 60 lessons in about 6 hours
  • tactical concepts (speed and intention, etc)  

  • martial arts concepts such as ambidexterity, as well as some warfare and combat philosophy (principles of war). 

  • self defense

  • improving self confidence

  • applications

Internal martial arts are called internal since you need to concentrate on the internal sensetions and feelings all the time, requires both imagination and awareness.

  • concepts such as powers (spring, pendulum, etc.) and practices.

  • develop more mindfulness and awareness.

Allow me assuring you that internal martial arts are very combat applicable.

3 hours of 9 lessons
  • You dont have to be a master to wield weapons, all you have to do is understand the basic principles for training weapons.

  • Any object can become a weapon if you know how to understand it, how to speak the language of objects.

  • This is a short course that teaches the basic principles of cold weapons wielding.

Safety Disclaimer

As with all training related content, you should get your doctor’s approval before beginning. The author advises everyone to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits. This site is for information purposes only. All forms of exercise and exercise programs pose some inherent risks and all exercises inherit some risks of physical injury. By participating in this site, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and discharge UNIFIED GONG-FU OR ITS AFFILIATES, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, PARTNERS AND LICENSORS, from all claims and causes of action that would be related to Unified Gong-Fu. 

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