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Unified Gong-Fu

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Combat & Chinese Martial Arts Online School - Create Your Own Style

unified gong fu
The magic of gong-fu

Touching The Magic of Gong-Fu

What does it mean, Gong Fu?

Martial arts have all kinds of aspects, all kinds of skills:


and more. 

In Chinese they just say Gong Fu.

Each student, each practitioner is unique with their own unique way, so what suits one, won't suit others. I can show you a path by which each of you can find and


I can make the Gong-Fu magic accessible for all of you to enjoy it.

What Can You Learn Here?

On this site, you will learn several aspects of martial arts:

How to move, Combat lore and Self Defense, Basics of Traditional Gong-Fu.

By starting training, and start paying attention to many details simultaneously, you will start developing a constant state of Mindfulness.

The constant Mindfulness combined with physical training enhances your awareness, influences your dealing with stress and enhances your health.

Understanding combat and building up your self defense skills, will also enhance your self confidence and body language.

The teaching contains the following elements:

External gong fu styles (Shaolin, Hung gar, etc.)

Internal martial arts (Xing yi, Ba gua, Tai Ji)

Weapon wielding

Combat and warfare lore and principles

clasic gong fu stance

A stand-alone course of weapon wielding

over 100 lessons in about 12 hours

Here you will learn body movement and movement language, that means motoric and posture.

You can start as a "couch potato", ending up an awesome gong fu ninja (all depends on how much practice will you put into it)

My way of teaching combines classic Chinese martial arts methods with modern methods and fitness

I can show you what is possible, the how - it's up to you how you will combine it in practice.

over 60 lessons in about 6 hours

Here you will be introduced to tactical concepts, such as speed and intention, etc.  

You will be learning martial arts concepts such as ambidexterity, as well as some warfare and combat philosophy (principles of war). 

You will learn self defense principles, and applications, thus

improving your self confidence.

Internal martial arts are called internal since you need to concentrate on the internal sensetions and feelings all the time, requires both imagination and awareness.

  • concepts such as powers (spring, pendulum, etc.) and practices.

  • develop more mindfulness and awareness.

Allow me assuring you that internal martial arts are very combat applicable.

3 hours of 9 lessons

You dont have to be a master to wield weapons, all you have to do is understand the basic principles for training weapons.

Any object can become a weapon if you know how to understand it, how to speak the language of objects.

This is a short course that teaches the basic principles of cold weapons wielding.

basic principles

basic principles

Watch Now

Teaching by Principles of Combat and Movement

About Me

My name is Uri Vainberg. I am a student of Sifu Eldan Freidman and practicing Chinese martial arts since 2003. I have few years (2007 - 2010) of practicing with Bujinkan under Shihan Miky Rosner and in any other field occurred on my way, such as Systema. I am an IDF reserves officer and holding a master degree in material engineering.

uri holding a staff


Welcome to this online martial arts school. 

I wish you to enjoy and get better at what you will do and learn here. 
I invite you to register, and join the free programs so you can experience some content.
For more physical lessons, and the rest of the content, I strongly invite you to purchase  the paid plan.

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