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Defending against multi-attackers

When it comes to a situation where one is being attacked by several attackers, you don’t want to be that one (neo didn’t want to be the one either).

There are several goals in that kind of scenario and several strategies.

Strategic Goals:

1.      Escape

2.      Subdue them all

3.      Stall and let another person to escape, then escape or subdue attackers

4.      Stall until help arrives

Bottom line is, that you cannot always avoid a fight, even on uneven odds.


So, what can be done?

Few major known tactics:

  1. Fight them all in a random pattern. Take active initiative, become the aggressor and chase them all.

  2. Circle them all, keep them inside while grabbing random hostages and using them as shields and space keepers.  This is about semi-active initiative, luring the attackers to make mistakes, trying taking them down-one-by-one-ish.

  3. Take down the leader. Usually, the predatorial groups will have a strong leader, usually leading by intimidation. Taking the leader down may break the group’s fighting spirit, or just send them in chaos.

  4. Luring into a narrow path. Have you heard of the Battle of Thermopylae? The movie 300? Retreat into a narrow path where you can only fight one or two at a time.

In order to success in #1, one MUST have any kind of advantage, such as: weapons, overpowering physic, overpowering skill, etc. that said, remember that enough people can just pile up on that lone defender.

Having this kind of advantage or force-multiplier is better for #2-4 as well, of course.

Generally speaking, one should always try and get a weapon, at least an improvised one.

Yes, we are living in a stupid progressive world, where people been stupefied to afraid of carrying weapons, which leaves the bully armed, and the victim – a victim.

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