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Philosophy of Combat

First, let me explain the use of the word "combat", rather than "fight".

The connotation of "fight" is, somehow, mild in terms of violence. People fight in the neighborhood, friends fight, couples fight. When people fight, there are shouts, cursing, bad talking, even some degree of physical violence. People fight on the street but they don't kill each other - there are some unspoken rules of engagement. When the situation is life or death (or major injury), it becomes combat. In combat there are no rules of engagement, but one - do whatever it is required to stay alive.

In order to have better chances to survive the combat, it is better to understand the philosophical principles that drives the situation.

  • Principles of war.

  • Psychological warfare.

  • Basic responses (FFF).

These are just examples, of course.

Sun Tzu claimed that choosing fight only when you can win is wisdom. I can only agree.

But understanding warfare lore, helps winning battles you didn't choose.

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